You’ll need a big rubber trash can and some mini soccer or basketballs.

It’s best to play this game on a field or grassy area.

Place the trash can in the middle and designate two starting lines with cones or something at either end of the field with out of bounds lines designated also. Place the mini soccer balls at both ends of the field.

Split your group into two teams. You’ll have a defending team and a carrying team. Decide which team wants to defend first and then let the other team (which will be the carrying team) go to the starting lines at the ends of the field.

Say the word Go! and then the members of the carrying team pick up one ball and take it in to try and get past the defending team and place it in the trash can. All the players on the carrying team will go in at the same time with a ball. After a player scores, if there are still balls on the starting lines, they may go and get them and bring them in to try and score. Let each carrier only bring in one ball at a time.

Empty handed carrying team players may help their partners who are trying to score a ball in the can by blocking the defenders kind of like an offensive linemen style of blocking. The defending team may block if the ball is shot like a basketball or they may tackle the carriers or slap the ball out of the carriers’ hands or push the carrier past the out of bounds line.

If the ball is blocked, dropped, slapped out of the carriers’ hands, or the carrier gets tackled or goes out of bounds then the ball is dead and cannot be used again to attempt to score. Usually the defenders kick the dead balls to the sidelines. After the first carrying team has played, let the defending team become the carrying team and try to score.

Whichever team scores the most balls wins.

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