Help: Optimal with 2 counselor/Helpers Min. 1

Needed 1 or two (depending on size) Tub to bob for fruit
2 buckets for “Salad”
4 bananas
4 Apples
4 Pears
1 pine apple 
4 Kiwi’s
Set up
– All Fruit is divided into 2 groups 1 for each group
– Fruit is put in container for bobbing
– Teams are set up in lines ready to carry fruit a short distance in relay described below.
– Bucket placed at the end of line where fruit will eventually be deposited

a. First team member must Bob for fruit and then by mouth hand it to next person

b. Next person must bend knee and hold fruit in the bend> then hop to next relay.

c. Next two people must put the fruit between there foreheads and walk it to the next person, They are to drop the fruit onto his stomach.

d. The next person is in a crab walk position and must catch the fruit and then crab walk it to the bucket and without using hands get it into the bucket.

Ready for the Catch? (As if that wasn’t bad enough) All fruit will be skinless!

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