Basically this is a game that some of my friends and I made up in Southern Illinois and I think it would work good for any youth group.

Basics: Baseball with a Frisbee at night.

Rules: There are 2 teams. One “bats” and the other plays the field. The batting team stands on home and chucks the Frisbee. Players are out if they strike out (Frisbee has to make it past the baseline or if you foul 3 times) or someone catches it. If it is in the outfield, the batter runs until it is in control by a player in the in-field(they have to be holding it). We play with the half-way rule (where if you are half way to the next base you are on that base). We generally do a ten run rule too just to make the game go smoother.

Game is best played at night with a little light on a baseball diamond.

Have Fun!!

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