This game is played best at an over night retreat with lots of wooded area.

Campers/Youth must be told to bring a green, black, or red shirt. (it is best to have lots of green, many black and a few red).

Persons with green shirts are “frogs” and are given 20 Life tags (small pieces of bristol board) and they go off and hide as best they

Persons with black shirts are “racoons” and are given 10 life tags. They go off after the frogs have a 5-10 minute head start.

Persons with red shirts are “foxes” and are given 5 life tags. They go after the coons have a 5-10 minute head start.

Frogs cannot eat coons or foxes. Coons can eat frogs but not foxes.
Foxes can eat coons and frogs.

People run around trying to collect life tags and not lose them. If you are caught by a animal that can eat you you must give that player a life tag. Leaders can run around being “natural disasters” like hurricanes and cars. They can take a life tag from any animal they see. Animals of a common species can trade life tags to stay alive. If you run out of life tags you must return to home base and either do something to earn another life tag or wait for game to finish. The species with most life tags at the end wins.

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