“Chicken” is that game that is often played in swimming pools. A gal (or younger, little guy) gets on a big guy’s shoulders and they try to knock other folks off of the shoulders of the others. Ho hum.

That isn’t nearly as fun as this game:

This game is NOT played in a pool.

Step one: Buy about 5 or 6 large, complete, raw fish. The bigger the better, unless you find a 20 pound salmon, thats probably a bit too big. Try to get ones that are NOT gutted yet.

Step two: Buy some eggs. 3 or 4 dozen, or at least more than what you need. This will be obvious soon.

Step three: buy some athletic tape, or that first aid tape that makes a cheap sling, or even use a wide strip of cloth. This will be explained in a moment.

Instruct students to wear “messy” clothes. Have them team up, with a large guy and a smallish girl. Strike that, the team can really be any two people who are willing to play. You may choose to have the youth vote on special gladiators, or make everyone play. Its up to you.

Ok, so here is how it goes down.

The BASE is the person who is carrying the OTHER person. The SOLDIER is the OTHER person who is on the shoulders of the BASE. IT MAY WORK BETTER to have the SOLDIER on the BACK (instead of shoulders) of the BASE. Perhaps even let them choose. Whatever.

A leader will have to strap the RAW EGG to the top of the BASE’s head. Use the medical mesh tape or cloth or even duct tape to get the egg to stay at the top of the head. The tape must go under the chin of the base, tie it up with the egg on the top of the head. It does work. Pantyhose may be a good option, but that doesn’t allow as much drainage. You may see where this is going.

The SOLDIER simply gets a raw fish. Instruct the SOLDIER to hold the fish by the tail end.

The WHOLE YOUTH GROUP holds hands and makes a giant circle.

TWO TEAMS square off in the circle. Whoever can break the EGG on the head of the opponents SOLDIER using only the FISH, wins.

WARNING: The soldiers will be hit in the head with a whole, raw, stinky fish A LOT. This is a good thing.

HINT: You may need three or four teams. It speeds up the action a lot to have multiple opponents. It seems to work better to have a girl on the shoulders or backs of a big guy. While on one hand, the girls HATE *holding* a fish, on the other hand, they relish *hitting guys* on the head with a fish. Especially if it means busting an egg on his face in the process. This whole situation tends to make the guys really try to hustle.

From here on out, you need to make up your own rules. You can do a tournament. Whatever.

You will need a pit crew who can help teams attach the egg to various foreheads (top of heads). They need to be astute at this.

Bring plenty of extra supplies. Oo oo! And a camera. (lawsuits you know) I’m kidding, you’ll most likely settle out of court. Kidding again, its for MEMORIES. Of court.

I often end this with an egg toss, since there are usually a BUNCH of people who’d rather watch the main event than actually play. Why?!

I had my best compliment EVER from this game. Parent: “I don’t know what you made my kids do, but the ride home from camp has NEVER smelled as bad is it did this year.” Amen.

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