Fire Capture the Flag

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This game is very similar to capture the flag except it involves FIRE!
1)Make 100-200 water balloons.
2)Choose a large area with 2 suitable fire pit spots on either end (ideally a few acres apart).
3)Split youth into 2 even teams.
1)Teams separate and go to their firepit with wood and water balloons.
2)If walkie talkies are available use them to communicate when teams are ready to start their fire.
3)At the signal, teams start their fire. This is where it gets fun…teams head out in search of the other team’s fire with water balloons in hand.
4) They must find the fire and put it out with their water balloons. If they get caught by an opponent, they must relinquish their balloons and return to their fire base for more.

The first team to put out the other team’s fire, wins.
Of course, there can be people guarding the fire…

[Ed. Note: Ummm… I’m adding this game, but again, I beg you to use common sense… Keep your students a safe distance from the fire. You don’t want them standing 2 feet from the fire to protect it and you don’t want a water balloon knocking logs and sending sparks all over. Set up a perimeter around the fire that NO ONE can go into.]

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