In a field indicate two endzones on opposite ends with cones or paint a line. In the center of the field paint a circle or use a hoop (something flat that won’t get in the way). Divide into two even teams. Raw eggs (as many as you want; the more the better) are numbered with different point values.
The egg is passed from player to player until it reaches the endzone. No running the egg. When the team gets an egg to its endzone, it gets the number of points on that egg. The defense can swat eggs out the air, catch them themselves to stop the advance. When an egg breaks, the opposite team gets possession of a new egg.
Teams always start from the circle in the center when they gain possession. If a team fails to score in four passes or less, the other team gets possession of that egg. The team with the most points when all the eggs are gone, wins. This is great fun, doesn’t require a whole lot of skill, and everyone gets covered in egg.

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