Drive-In Movie – Add On

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We took the Drive-In Movie idea and used it for our younger kids – 2 years – 6th grade. We had them arrive at our house with their boxes already decorated as cars. We used the LCD projector for church and projected the movie “Lilo & Stitch” on a King-sized sheet in our back yard.

We also printed out fake money and gave each kid $20 to buy their concessions. We also gave the kids $20 for each adult with them. The parents could not buy anything – the kids had to provide for them. The kids enjoyed this.

Another thing we added to give more of a drive-in feel was to print out little speakers that look like the old drive-in speakers. I made them 3-D by printing a front and back and leaving space to fold it and glue it to look like a box. Then I poked a whole in the bottom and stuck it on a dowl rod ($.37 cents at walmart). I made about 10 of these and stuck them in the ground where the kids would be parking their cars. I’m not sure the kids knew what they were but it made the pictures we took look neater.

I have graphic files for the “Stitch” dollars and for the 3-D speaker. I also made tickets for the kids to “buy”. You can email if you want these – and I’ll eventually set up a Yahoo! group to post such files.

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