The game is called “Civil War” and it is a water game that demands a small field.

Divide into even teams (2-1,000,000) and line each team up side by side, arm length apart about 25 yards from one another on their own Territory Line. You know, like opposing armies in the Civil War. Arm each soldier with TWO water balloons each. Pick one team to “go” first. What this means is one team readies to “fire” while the other team has their backs turned. (This helps keep from sustaining a facial injury). The team leader then yells “fire.” If anyone on his team wants to fire (optional) they can throw one or both of their water balloons at the opposing army. Anyone who is hit has to sit down where they get hit. No one has to throw anything.

Then the tables are turned. The other team gets a chance to shoot. The first team has to turn around and the whole process is repeated. This mimicks the war patterns of the Civil War. “Hey you shoot at me and IF I don’t die, I’ll shoot back at you.”

Then it’s on! Field leader (youth pastor) yells charge. Both teams run at each other and try to hit the other players with their water balloons while trying to make it across the enemy’s Territory Line. The object of the game is NOT to kill everyone on the other team by hitting them with a water balloon, the object is to get at least one team member across the enemy’s territory line. First team that has someone to cross the enemy’s Line wins.

It is a good idea to have judges help with who wins. Sometimes it is a close call. If anyone argues with the Lord-High-Keeper-Of-Exactly-Who-Made-It-Across-First-Person (youth pastor) he/she is subject to water ballooning.

Each time a winner is declared, a battle has been waged. 5 battles wins the war.

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