Divide your group into 2 teams, you also need to divide your playing area into 2 equal parts. (We use a field for the younger youth and the entire camp ground for the older youth). Each team has to designate an area to be used as a “jail” which can be guarded from 5 feet away. Each team also has to hide their flag from the other team. Once the game has started, opposing team members can challenge each other from across the line dividing the teams — they can pull each other over by any means possible. Once the person has been pulled over onto the opposite side, they are escorted to jail. Players can also rush or storm the opposite by running over the line to try and find the flag — but if you get caught — off to jail you go. (* Here’s a hint — the more people you get in jail the easier it is to rescue them, touch finger tips and stretch your line as close to the dividing line as possible *). Once a team member has picked up the flag and stands still he/she can not be tagged. Only when they begin to run can they be tagged out. Then they must drop the flag where they were tagged. After the opposite team’s flag has reached it’s opponents side–the game is finished.

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