Capture The Flag with a Twist

by | All Youth, Outdoor Youth Group Games

Divide your group into 2 teams. There has to be a main point where people from each team if hit with a water bomb must go for 1 minute. Each team also has to hide their flag from the other team. Once the game has started, they have to get the flag from the other team. Using water bombs as the defence for your two teams. Once a person has been hit by a water bomb, they are escorted to jail. Players rush or storm the opposite team by running to try and find the flag — but if you get hit — off to jail you go. Once a team member has picked up the flag they have to run back to where there flag is without being hit. If they are hit with a water bomb they must drop the flag where they were hit. After the opposite team’s flag has reached it’s opponents side–the game is finished.

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