Divide into two teams. Then have the one team form a human horse by taking six people (you want big and strong people to do this job). The first person stands up straight then the next person puts his arms around the first persons waist. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth person do the same on the person in front of him/her (be sure to make them tuck their heads inside) The other team lines up about 15 feet from the horse. The object for this team is to collapse the horse by putting a lot of weight on it. The object for the human horse is to hold the six from the other team. Then switch the team that collapses the other team and holds there horse up wins, but if both teams hold or both collapse then you decide the winning by the team that held the most people before collapseing. Another rule is that the people on the horse cannot touch the ground inorder to stay on the horse. If they do they are out. It is a great game that your youth will beg you to play.

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