This is a great game that I learnt while I was a scout and is best to do at night. The leaders blindfold everyone and you all pile into the back of a van (a bus works too if your kids don’t cheat by looking out the windows). Then you drive the kids around your town making sure that they will get very disorientated. Driving around a field or a vacant block of land for a while is good to do this. After about ten minutes of driving around, pull over in an area that you don’t think the kids will recognise. Let everyone out, and the object is to try and find your way back to your hall or church. This can also be done as a team competition as long as you take the kids the same distance from the hall. Make sure to have leaders with the kids at all times who know the area well. Water bottles are a good idea to take along as this game can take a very long time.

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