I used this as a fun game while doing a program about listening. But it’s fun anytime!

Set Up: Put chairs (that can get wet) in a circle. Fill up plastic cups about half way with water. You will need 3 filled cups per chair in the circle. Come up with around 10 questions that test the youth on a recent youth group/Sunday School lesson. (Examples below)

How to play: Have youth who are willing to “be still and know” sit down. I would suggest that for each youth that is sitting there are one or two others to help them. Explain that they will have to balance 3 cups and “be still” in order to not spill the water on themselves. If they spill a cup they are disqualified. Then they will have to “know” the answers to the questions you ask. (I play that in order to buzz in their answer they say “Be still and know”).
Each sitting youth must balance one cup on their head and one on each of their outstreched palms. (Have the other youth help with this) Once the cups are all balanced, start asking questions. Remind the sitting youth that their hands need to stay flat (gripping the cups so they don’t fall is cheating). Have someone keep track of the score for each youth/team. The youth/team with the most correct answers wins.
If I am playing with teams I remind them that this is about listening. If they feel like they want to talk I encourage them to send “good vibes” to their own team member by waving their arms toward that person helping them to remember the answer.
Some example questions:
What are the three parts of the trinity?
What is our church’s address?
What are the ten commandments?
Name six of Jesus’ diciples.

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