We played the Bananarama game listed on this website. However, what we did was divide the youth group kids into “teams”. You need to have a volunteer driver for each team. The driver is responsible for the safety of their team and also to return the team back to “home” on time.

The teams are given a time limit. I tried 45 minutes and it was not nearly enough. I would suggest allowing 1-1/2 hours for this game…

I went ahead (earlier that day) to different restaurants, stores, etc., and asked permission to do the game at their establishment. Everyone was so willing to accommodate us and really enjoyed being included in the game! Things we “measured” by banana length are as follows:

The length and width of the patio outside a hamburger restaurant, the distance around a rack of clothes in a department store, the length of a sidewalk along a very well-traveled main street (too funny, all on hands and knees!), signs in parking lots, mailboxes, and the best one of all….. I went to the fire department and asked to measure all around the longest fire truck they had. Oh, they LOVED it!

At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of correct answers wins.


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