Balls In, Who’s Out?

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Requires: Kickballs/dodgeballs (number should depend on the number of kids in the group) and cones.

This game should be played in a BIG, open field. Here’s how you play:

There’s a big circle of cones in the middle of the field. In the center of the cones are a big pile of kickballs. Players will start outside of the cones.

The object of the game, once the whistle is blown or someone says “Go”, is to run inside the circle, grab a ball from the center & run to the safe zone (which is the outside of the cone circle.

But here’s the catch: there will always be 2 or 3 balls less per players. For example, if there are 20 kids playing, there will only be 17 or 18 balls in the center, which means that 2 or 3 kids will be eliminated. It’s kinda like musical chairs, where so many people get eliminated each round.

The game keeps going until you’re down to the last player or players (if you’re playing in teams.)

-No physical contact is allowed, meaning if someone tackles, punch, kick or grabs another player, that person is disqualified.
-If a player runs into the circle before the whistle is blown, then he/she is disqualified
-You are allowed to steal a ball from another player, just as long as there’s no physical contact involved.

Number of players:
This game can be played one of two ways:
1.) Teams (split in two)
2.) Every Man/Woman for themselves

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