You’ll need a grassy field (dirt & rocks hurt) and every single inflatable ball you can get your hands on (e.g. soccer balls, footballs, rugby balls, basketballs, basically anything non-lethal). If it’s swamped and muddy, it’s a definite plus!

At the 50 yard line (center line of field) place all the balls in a horizontal line, from sideline to sideline. Then break everybody into teams. Try to even things out (equal number of big people and small people on both sides, etc.). Each side lines up horizontal to the goal lines at opposite ends of the field. When the whistle (or signal) is given, they charge each other like armies. Then they have to each try their hardest to grab a ball (one at a time) and run it over to the end zone. When they get there, they spike it or put it on the ground, and the ball is out of play for that round. In the playing field, it’s all about chaos. Tackling, moshing, wrestling, stealing balls from other people, passing the ball to someone who’s empty handed, kicking it, punting it (but it has to be carried into the end zone by hand), dribbling it, running with it, etc. etc. etc. Hence the name ‘Anarchy Ball.’ When a kid manages to get his ball into the end zone, he is free to run back and grab/ steal/ catch another one and repeat. The highest level of chaos is when the two sides first clash at the beginning, trying to grab a ball and fend off the opponents. When all the balls are in the end zones, the whistle is blown and the round ends. Whoever has managed to get the most balls into the opposing team’s end zone wins that round. You can play as many rounds as you like, depending on the stamina of the kids. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the whole shabang. Be sure to establish some guidelines and whatnot, and have a ref or two or three, in order to prevent violence/ animosity/ injury and whatnot. Other than that, there are no rules, hence the name: Anarchy Ball. Enjoy!

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