Amazing Race – Race to Christ

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This idea is like similar to other amazing races but with a definite twist. Again you split into groups of four or five, each group with a leader who can drive. Note the Leaders are ‘in’ on the race and are there just to drive and not assist in the race.

Make your list of directions that scurry your teams across town. We like to direct them to churches with new clues to the next stop waiting at each destination. (please notify church officials that messages will be at their facilities)

The final clue brings the first team to a waiting area. However, the twist is, along their journey, they will witness a person with a flat tire, a elderly person who has dropped their bag (purse or groceries) and a homeless person with a sign for help. Each of these people are part of the game.

The winning team is not who completes the trip first, it’s the team who is the best “Samaritan” and Christ-like. The winning team puts aside personal gain and assist the people in need.

When the last team arrives at the finish line, the three people who needed help arrive also and report who helped.

You will be surprised how many times we have had no winners but we do have a great lesson.

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