First explain the rules…
-You are all on a plane that has crashed
-You want to get the entire group to the base, or you will ALL blow up!

Now you put cones out to make a small base, and then make the kids stand in a line and put their arms out. They then fly a bit pretending to be an airplane. One of the leaders yells out Crash, and they sprawl on the ground. Then all the leaders go around and whisper an injury to each kid. Then once they all have injuries, you give them 6 min. to get the whole team, to the base, but since some of the youths have no legs, some no sight, and some are unconcious, they will have to work together to get the whole team to the base! You can make up lots of diffrent injuries, and even have some of them be livestock, or dilusional, and trying to break the people down by telling them that they are at the wrong base!

This is a great opportunity to talk to youth about the importance of working together, and let them know how important it is to be helpers to Christians with “heart/faith injuries!”

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