We took our students and made them homeless for 3 days. We transformed the church into 2 tent city environments (Guys downstairs and Girls upstairs). We slept, ate, and served as “the least of these” the entire weekend. We did NOT take showers, eat amazing meals or sleep well. We worked long hours, smelled really bad, and were hungry and tired. But, I believe this was the most life changing event our students have ever participated in.

Each day we spent working in Soup Kitchens, Homeless/Women’s shelters, Food pantries, and worked on ARK teams (Act’s of Random Kindness). In the evenings we had acoustic worship, group devotionals, and share time.

This event is designed to allow students to see, feel and smell what it means to serve humbly with no expectations. This is meant to be a mentally and physically draining event … This is only for your more mature students!!
*We designated jobs depending on the age and maturity level of each student.

Please let me know if you would like help running and event like this. I can send you files and contact info if your in the Altanta area. michael@placeofhope.org

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