We have a very successful plan of raising money for missionaries.
We select a different missionary, evangelist, or an organization that we feel that is need of help. (Such as Problem Pregnancy Center, Orphanages, Clothe a Child)
We divide the children’s church into teams, Boys against Girls.
We have 2 baskets one for girls and the other for the boys. It is a good idea to label these baskets.
We have designed a wooden scarecrow, with 2 arms that are set like weights.
Whoever has the most money by weight. The arms of this guy will move down.
We call this guy, ” Cheeri-O” He represents the cheerful giver.
After each month we collect the change and count it and send a check to whom we support. Of course the kids are anxious to find out how much they have given to help people in need.
The kids love it especially when they receive a letter back from the missions. It makes them feel like they had a part of helping others.
Another incentive to help bring in the money : Which ever teams wins, their names are put in a basket and one person from the team can win a prize.
Another funny idea: If the boys win, The Youth Pastor squirts Ms. Youth Pastor with a super soaker and if the girls win, Ms. Youth Pastor soaks Mr. Youth Pastor. The kids love it.
This has been a lot of fun, and we have supported several missions. We have about 25 kids in Children’s church and they bring in over $100 a month.

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