This is a great game that 3 of our youth came up with on their own. We were on the way to Winterfest 03 at Liberty University and we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us. One of our youth is in the back seat and he starts waving at all the cars that drive by. Much to his surprise, people began waving back! Out of this came: “The Wave Game”.

This game works best when you are in a car and have 4 people in there. The driver and person behind are one team and the passenger and person behind him are the another team.
The Scoring system:

1 point – each person that waves back at you (you can get more than one per car)

1 point for the other team – for each person that just smiles but doesn’t wave at you

5 points – for getting a semi-truck to honk at you

10 points – for getting a police officer to wave back at you

Double points – if the vehicle is red. (example: a honk and a wave from a semi-truck with a red cab is worth 14 points)
(or a red van with 3 people that wave at you is worth 6 pts.)

Just some thoughts: This game works best on a 2 lane road. It’s up the driver who gets points when. If you stay in the left lane then only the people on the right side of the car can get points and vice versa. This is great because the driver can keep the game close. If you are playing to 100 pts. to win and one team is up by 40 points than just stay in the left lane for a long time and give the people on the right a chance to catch up. Some things to consider as well are that most of the semi-trucks on major roads are in the right lane. Eventually your youth will realize this as well and start to complain about the right side car team getting more points because of this. You can kindly explain to them that if you drive in the right lane app. 10 times more cars will pass you on the left so it ends up being fair.

We hope you are blessed by this game as we were and don’t be afraid to make your own variations of the scoring system.

To God be the Glory!

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