Sticky Scriptures

by | All Youth, Miscellaneous

This is a great game for getting the Youth/Children listening, intently, to a chosen bible passage. The leader must cover his/her face with Squirty Cream or Shaving foam, and tell the group they will be asked questions about the passage. The leader then reads the passage in sections, asking a question after each section. If the group get the question right they are armed with a corn puff each; they then have to throw it at the leaders face. The aim of the game is to get the corn puffs to stick on the leaders face. Repeat this for each section of the passage. At the end, count up the amout of ‘sticks’ and if it matches the desired total, give rewards.
They group loved this game and I had baby soft skin for hours after. (Best to wear sunglasses tos!)

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