Making Eggs Skit

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This skit is something that I learned at a party. And we now do it all the time!

First you get 5 people to do this skit.
{1} a director of the play
{2} a making egg person
{3} another maker of eggs
{4} a person who passes out
{5} and a doctor

You have the “egg person” start by pretending that they are mixing up eggs in a bowl, then the second “egg maker” comes up and asks
“Whatcha’ doing?” Then the egg person says “making eggs.” Then the maker of the eggs is confused and asked “Making eggs?” And the egg persons says “making eggs.” Then she/he agrees and joins him/her. Then the passer out comes in and asks the same the question and asks the egg person and the maker the same question. Then she passes out when she founds out what they are doing. And then The maker says to the egg persons” Call 911!” And the egg maker calls 911, and says” 911?” “yes?” answers the doctor. ” I think a person died!” And they answer “Ok. I will be right there.”
The doctor comes and picks up the dead person’s hand and says “Yep. She’s/he’s dead.” And then the director comes out {it is like a play they are putting on} and says” NO,NO,NO you must do it must slower!”
So as you can guess, You have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely slower very very slow!!!!! And when you drop the passer outer hand really slow!!!! The the director comes out again, but this times tell them to do it much much more faster!!!!
So again you have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely faster!!!!! It is hiliarious to listen to their voices as the try to make them go slow or make them faster!!!!! But at the very end everyone just gives up!!!!! It is a really funny skit!

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