Guinness Games

by | All Youth, Miscellaneous

A night/day of contests in which kids may try to set a “world’s record” a la The Guinness Book of World Records. However, the kids don’t compete against the book itself but against each other. The 1st year, “records” are set and the following years kids try to break them, and set new records which last for another year. Sample contests: Eating contests (marshmallows, onions, lemons) Endurance contests (standing on your head, running in place, talking, stare down, pogo stick jumping, keeping eyes open without blinking) Skill contests (free throws, Frisbee throwing, burping, bubble blowing. There should be a separate contest for guys and girls in the athletic competitions. Kids can pay an entry fee for whichever events they’d like to try. *** I think this would be better for youth retreats and do it annually… this may help to keep attendance up at the retreats. Videotaping should be fun.

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