This game is so quick and can be hilarious…

Ok, everybody that has internet access uses the Google search engine. That is the only tool needed…

This game is very funny and easy to prep. It can be played in various ways and involves the most popular web-search tool.

Version #1:

Have contestants give you a word that you enter into Google. Whoever has the highest hit rate wins.

You can go for lowest hit rate, or limit the possible words by asking for words in a particular group, such as color, food…etc.

Version #2:

You enter a word of your choice. Record the number of hits it returned. Make a multiple-choice selection for the contestants to try and guess which word it was.

This is my fav because you can put the multiple choice answers on powerpointand use some pretty funny or disgusting words!!!

Version #3:

Put in 4 or 5 words and record the number of hits for each. Have the students see which group or person can put them in the correct order according to number of hits.

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