Destiny Draw

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The “Destiny Draw” has really worked well for me in ministry. It’s a great way to get the kids in your group to pay attention to you and to be cooperative.

What I do is have the youth write out a small punishment or generally gross thing to do, on a piece of paper. I don’t tell them why. What you’ll find is that the more troublesome/wild youth will tend to make up some rather creative suggestions. Then I crumple the papers up (after approving them) and keep them in a bowl or hat. (*** We’ve had draws such as eat a slice of bread soaked in ketchup, keep your nose pressed to the leader’s sock for 30 seconds, water punishements, etc.) That’s when I drop the bomb on them and let them know that if they are uncooperative, they will be forced to take a Destiny Draw and do what is on the paper they draw.

It’s proven to be a great deterrent in my group and all the kids keep an eye on each other… hoping someone will get the dreaded… the feared… Destiny Draw.

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