Deformed or Conformed???

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What gives us the right to consider someone else “deformed”? Everyday there is probably more than one supposedly “deformed” child born into this world. “Deformed” because maybe he is missing a body part, like an arm or leg. You know whom I’m talking about. Everyone will meet at least one “deformed” person, right? Wrong!!!!!! The reason I say this is because we are all the same in God’s eyes. In God’s eyes, no one is “deformed” or any synonym of the word deformed. Everyone is perfectly formed, because they are exactly the way God wanted and the way God made them.
I have this cousin named Geoffrey. According to doctors, his is “physically handicapped”. I don’t look at him that way though. What I see is a tangible blessing! The reason I say that is because if he falls, for instance, everyone comes running to assist him. His supposable disorder makes it seem as though everyone cares. It makes it seem like we actually use the loving ability God gave us.
Doctors and technology have misdirected anyone who considers someone else “deformed”. These doctors use technology to set the standards of human beings. These are the standards state that, “A human should have two legs, should have two arms, and those who don’t are physically deformed.”
My opinion is different though! I believe that everyone was created to be “perfectly, imperfect”! I think everyone was created “perfectly” according to God’s wishes and will, yet everyone is “imperfect” because no one is the same! They were not created to correspond with any medical standards. So the next time you see that friend of yours that is supposedly “deformed”, stop and try to think of it in this “new perspective”. You might agree with me after you do.

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