Big Shirt Memories

by | All Youth, Miscellaneous

When we ordered T-shirts for our last retreat, we found a place that specialized in really BIG t-shirts – some went up to 13X! When we placed the order, we also got a 10X printed. After we got to the retreat, we hung it from a curtain rod in one of the cabins, and the kids thought it was hilarious! (I’m 5’7, and the shirt came past my fingertips and knees.) We had all of them sign the shirt before they left the retreat, and when we got home we hung it on the bulletin board in the lobby. It got a whole lot of attention from folks coming in the building, and really helped publicize how well the retreat went. After a couple of weeks, the t-shirt will be moved to the teen’s room where it will stay on the wall permanently as a reminder of the weekend.

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