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Very similar to baseball. We use a drumstick for a bat and a ping pong ball for a baseball. You get a point for each base and you must run until you get to home plate or are tagged out. Each team gets five outs. Great for small rooms!

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Tag Ball

I made this up one night when the weather was unexpectedly nice and the youth wanted to play outside. You need a ball (like something you would play dodge ball with), and one person to be “it.”

This is a combination of dodge ball and tag. Whoever is “it” has the ball, and has to run after the other youth and tag them with the ball – dodge ball style. If the person is hit, they are the new “it” and must try to tag someone else with the ball. If the person catches the ball, like in dodge ball, they are safe and the original “it” is still it. My group is rather small, so I played with one “it,” but with a larger group you could have more than one “it” to make things interesting.

Really simple, but my youth loved it!

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Silly Soccer

You can either take two tables and push them together to form a larger, thick rectangle or just have a line running down the middle of the room.

Get one beach ball for every two teams (if you have a large indoor area and large youth group, make more than two teams — no team should be bigger than 10 people)

Have the kids take their shoes off and sit on the floor with their hands under their bottoms. Each team should be on an opposite side of the room. On the floor (if using the line and not tables) use tape to make a large square behind the teams. That is the goal. For those using the tables, the open sides are the goals. Give the kids the beach ball and let them kick it. They can’t use their hands at all to try and kick the ball into the other team goal, nor can they get off their bottoms.

My kids have ALWAYS loved this, and I am begged constantly to play silly soccer. It is an especially good rainy day activity.

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