This game is good for groups of eight or more people. First, everyone must sit in a circle. Then, you number off everyone starting with zoomie (zoomie, 1, 2, 3…) until everyone has a number. The person who is Zoomie should know how to play the game. Zoomie starts the game by patting his legs twice and then clapping his hand twice saying,”zoomie, zoomie, zoomie, zoomie.” Everyone joins in with Zoomie by patting their legs and clapping their hands. This pattern must be kept through the whole game.
Then Zoomie says zoomie, zoomie, and a number(i.e. zoomie, zoomie, 1, 1) Then the person with that number must say his number twice and then someone else’s number (ex. one, one, three, three) It is alright to call zoomie as a number, but the person who is Zoomie can speed up the game.
The pattern continues like this until someone messes up by forgetting to go or by not following the rhythm. Then that person is out. Zoomie then starts the game up again.
Also if anyone calls the number of someone who is out then they are out.
The game continues until only one is left.

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