Played in the dark with one flashlight for every three people (preferably)

Summary: 1 person is a zombie and the rest are humans. The zombie tags people to make them a zoimbie. If the zombie has a flashlight shown on him and his name is called out, he freezes for 10 seconds. Game goes till everyone is a zombie

Rules: 1 person is a zombie (infected) and everyone else is a regular human.

1 table is designated as the armory. Nothing goes on it for now.

Before hiding, every third human is given a flashlight. Then they are given time to hide.

The zombie comes out and finds them. When the zombie tags someone, that person becomes a zombie and helps tag other people.

To freeze a zombie, the human must have a flashlight. He shines the flashlight on the zombie and calls out his (or her) name. When that happens, the zombie must freeze and count out loud for ten seconds, then unfreeze.

If a person with a flashlight is tagged, they MUST walk to and put the flashlight on the table that is designated as the armory. It can there be retrieved by any human.

This is a fun game that creates alot of tension because if kids are hiding together and one gets tagged by a zombie, that kid can tag any of his or her friends immediatley. Also You have to say names to freeze the zombies with the flashlight so when a horde of zombies comes after one kid, that kid has name every one specifically to freeze everyone and run.

The game lasts till everyone is tagged. The last person tagged is the winner and gets to choose the next starting zombie.

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