Write down five items down on the dry erase board. Students must choose their favorite item from each category. Categories could include color, ice cream, holidays, season, animal, or any other easy topic. They can write each of their favorite down on a piece of paper or just remember.
How it works: Tell the students to form a circle. Then, start at one end of the circle and have the person next to the first person pick a category. They must then pick what they think the first person’s favorite thing is. If they get it right, the game moves in a clockwise direction. If it is wrong it goes in a counter clockwise direction. The object is to get around the circle one complete time. The game was used to help the students think about other people and what they like. It was helping them be able to talk to other people, so that getting to know them would open up an opportunity to talk about Christ. Hopefully, this will help.

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