Winter Festival Kickball

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When it’s cold out just bring the fun inside along with some winter essentials. Items you’ll need (I picked them up at local resale shops for cheap).
1. Pair of skis
2. A sled that can be pulled
3. 2 tennis rackets with a rope tie attached
4. 4 blocks of ice with a rope tie frozen in them. I used a loaf pan to make the blocks. Use one in the game, the rest are in case of breakage
5. A soft foam soccer ball
6. Many pairs of mittens or gloves

How to play the game:
We played on carpet.
Set up the kickball diamond as usual.
Each fielding team member must wear a pair of mittens or gloves
A ball that is put into play can only be rolled by the team playing the field, it can never be thrown to a base.
Bunting is allowed.

To get to first base: after the ball is kicked the kicker jumps on the sled and is pulled to first base by 2 of his/her team mates.
If he/she makes it to first safely; he/she puts on tennis rackets (aka. snow shoes) and has to wear them to get to second base.
If successful; at second base he/she puts one foot on the block of ice and has to slide to third, propelling himself with the other foot (like pushing a skate board).

Once he/she makes it to third, the skis are put on to get to home.
If during play the original kicker attempts to stretch out an extra base they don’t have to change running apparatus and can continue to be pulled on the sled. (We never had a double) The same rule holds for each runner if an extra base is attempted. Running apparatus are only changed after original forward progress has stopped.
No lead-offs. cause it’s really hard to get back to the bag wearing skis or showshoes.

One more thought, if desired and the kids are dressed for it the game can be played outside in the snow. You may want to replace the block of ice skate with a large loose fitting pair of boots.

When we played we tweeked the game slightly to add more offense by allowing a pinch sledder (someone already on the sled waiting to be pulled once the ball was kicked). Also, have the fielding team, except for the pitcher, face the opposite direction until the ball is put into play.

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