Whose Line Is It Anyway – Improv

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Pick 3 characters from the “audience”. Now you have the “audience” to provide you with the following:

Character: Who are they?
Situation: Where are they?
Motivation: What are they trying to do?

For example, you are firemen on a TV telethon trying to get someone to teach you karate.
Or, you could be Tammy Baker, Barbara Walters and Britney Spears on a daytime soap opera trying to get a date with Mr T!
Or how about three wrestling stars in a beauty salon trying to get their nails done first?
You could even make three bags, one for character, one for situation and one for motivation and draw one from each for each team!
This can get pretty funny, the more creative people are.
Give them one or two minutes – and say “Ready….GO!” and watch the Emmy nominees in your youth group come to the surface!

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