Who’s Got the Hat?

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

This game is the simplest game I have ever led or played and is yet a game that any age group will absolutely love. All you need is more than two people to play. You start off by saying “I have this hat, I give it Jason (anyone in your group), and Jason takes the hat and gives it to Sally( once again someone in the group), and Sally gives the hat to Tiffany (once again someone in the group). Who’s got the hat?” You can “give the hat to as many people as you like but three or four works well. After you ask who has the hat everyone thinks that it is the last person you say but it is in fact the first person to speak after you finish talking. I spent an entire day at a theme park with my group and no one figured it out until right at the very end. I have done it with Youth and adults and it was a success with both groups.

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