Who Ya Listening To?

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Here’s a fun way to present a powerful moral lesson from the Bible. Blindfolded students will have to navigate an obstacle course that you design. We’ve done this indoors and outdoors.

In preparation, you should make an obstacle course. We’ve made mazes out of chairs, tables, street cones, etc. We’ve also had students try to recover objects from various locations on the Church grounds.

Pick one or two students to be blindfolded. (It’s best if you pick someone you know to be ‘gullible.’) Lead them out into another room.

Pick one person to guide each blindfolded student. Guides will be responsible for leading a blindfolded student through the obstacle course without touching the blindfolded person in any way. They must guide by issuing vocal commands.

Everyone else in the group will try to get the blindfolded person(s) to go in the wrong directions, do silly things, and generally cause confusion.

This game is a BLAST! It’s quite amusing to see students groping for a doornob when they are nowhere near a door!

Use this game to lead into a teaching on Romans 10:17. Who is influencing you?

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