Give everyone 10-20 strips of blank paper. Everyone writes down 1 different name on each piece of paper. They should try to write down the names of people that everyone in the room would of heard of (famous people, people in the room, etc.). It’s okay if two people write the same names. Put all the names in two separate baskets (a basket for each team). Each team must use the basket of names that they submitted. Team A sends up one person from their team. That person has 30 seconds to try to get their team to guess as many people as possible in the given time. They can speak, gesture, point, etc.: anything except saying the name itself (or spelling it, etc.) When the person has gotten their team to guess the name on the first slip, they pull out another name. If the person decides to skip a name, then the other team gets an automatic point. After 30 seconds, Team B has 30 seconds to try to get as many names as possible. Go back and forth auntil either everyone has gone or until they reach a certain number of points.

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