Water Balloon Bowling

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For this game you’ll need just a few supplies that are easy to come by.
10 full plastic soda bottles 12 or 16 oz. size.(The winners get the Soda)
1 bag of regular round balloons, don’t buy water balloons since they easily pop.
1 roll of plastic tablecloth, most churches have this.
A few throw pillows

The game is set up as follows:
Use the tablecloth to make the bowling lane as long as you like, the longer the better. Tape the ends down to the floor or carpet. Use a marker to show where the soda bottles will be placed, they are the pins.
Fill the balloons so that they can be easily held by the kids, if they’re too big it is hard to bowl with them. Place the filled balloons in a bucket of water so that when the kids bowl with them they will slide on the plastic tablecloth. You can also mist the tablecloth with water.
To make the game a little more challenging place the throw pillows under the tablecloth edge in different spots to form small rises in the lane.
Scoring is done just like regular bowling.
You may choose to use 6 bottles instead of 10, so you have less to set back up after each bowl of the balloon.
Have another bucket at the end of the lane so you can place the bowled balloons in it and then just switch buckets when one becomes empty.
When the game is over the kids can dispose of the balloons as they see fit, keep a towel handy!

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