Truth or Myth
Choose 2 students to be “sages”. These “sages” must stay in one place and cannot speak.

At the beginning of each turn one of the (adult) leaders hides an item (we used a yellow bell) in the building somewhere. The leader then tells the “sages” each a different location. One is true and the other is a myth. The other students must choose to follow one “sage” or the other. The “sages” must then convince their followers to go to the location they were told and find the hidden item, but they are not allowed to make a sound or leave where they are. No one is allowed to leave the room without having a definite location they are going (they can’t just wander around looking for the item). The round ends when someone brings the item back to their “sage”
In the next round the followers can choose to change sages, but once the round starts they must stick with their chosen sage.

This is a good game to use as a teaching tool, especially if you consistently give the same “sage” the “myth”.

Variation: In each turn hide 2 3×5 cards (or slips of paper) with verses on them. One verse is correct, the other is wrong. Each team must then find their card, bring it back and the “sage” must then find the verse and pronounce whether it is the “truth” or “myth” with a thumb up or down.

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