We have used this fun activity to fill Wednesday evening Bible studies. Go to a craft store and buy green and brown paper like the kind used on bulletin boards. Green is two 3’X4’sections and brown is two 2’X4’sections. Also pick up a package of pre-cut apple shapes or you could just cut them from construction paper.
You draw basically a cloud shape on each of the green sections and your best rendition of a tree trunk on the brown sections and cut them out.
You split your amount of apples in half (my package had 36) and write down sins and good things (ex. praying, going to church, worshipping God for good and lying, stealing, drugs, for bad).
Hang the two trees up in the classroom to represent a good tree and an evil tree. Add tape or glue to the back of each apple and give them out to the children. They have to choose which tree their apple would grow on. We asked them questions about each apple and had them give us examples for some of the words. The kids really seemed to like this project and it cost us less than $10 total for creating it.
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