Traitor DuckBall

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This is a pretty cool game I created for our youth group that was a big hit. For this game you need:
– a balloon
– a role of duct tape
– some balls that are soft enough to get hit with (Nerf balls do real well).

Inflate the balloon to a little bigger than a softball, tie it closed, then wrap it in a layer of duct tape. None of the balloon should be left uncovered. This ensures that it is difficult to pop so that it will last a long time; this also makes it easy to throw.

The object of the game is the same as that in Dodgeball with one twist. Divide into two teams separated by a line of tape which splits the room in two (this works better in a bigger room than a smaller one). Play the game the way you would normally play Dodgeball. At some point in the game a leader will toss the balloon into play, by either trying to hit someone or just tossing it in the air. The balloon can be picked up and thrown like any of the other balls, and if someone on the opposite team catches a throw the person who threw it is out. The twist is that if someone gets hit with the balloon they start attacking their own team. The team who has their own member attacking them can stop the “traitor” by hitting them with the balloon. This will return the “traitor” to normal. Also if there is only one person left on a team and they get hit with the balloon they are out. We play this game with preschoolers, elementary, high school, and college age kids (you’d be surprised how hard it is to hit those little kids).

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