There are two teams of four, it doesn’t matter if it is co-ed or not, but you take a pie pan fill it up with milk to about 1/2 in. from the top. You have two people from each team one at one end of the table and one at the other end. Both people have blindfolds on. One person throws Oreo’s (or a small cookie that you have w/ milk) and they only get five. The person on the other end is sitting in a chair with the pie pan filled with milk in front of him. The teammate with the Oreo’s tries to throw them in the pie pan blindfolded and the other teammate has to try to eat the Oreo out of the pan — if the person with the Oreo’s runs out give him/her five more. Then once the teammate eats a cookie then the next two teammates try their luck being blindfolded. The other two teammates can yell out eat it or something like that. Whatever team gets done first wins. Also you WILL get something on you so wear a trash bag or a poncho when playing.

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