Top Turkey Artist

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

Sheet of paper and a tray or hard cover book for each participant.

Everyone places a tray or large book on top their head with a piece of blank paper on it. Participants are to draw on the page resting on the top of their head, without looking, according to the instructions that will be given.

1. Draw a circle for the body of the Turkey.
2. Draw the turkey’s head and neck on top of the body.
3. Draw two feet for the turkey.
4. Add the turkey’s beak and waddle.
5. Add the turkey’s tail feathers

At the end of instructions, everyone removes the pictures from their heads. It can be very funny to see what they have drawn.

2 points for every line that crosses
1 point if your turkey’s feet are touching the body
1 point if your turkey’s head is attached to the body.
1 point for feather that is ON the turkey.

Award the person with the greatest number of points the prize!

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