Tickle-Me-Elmo Tag

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This is one of the most spontaneous games we’ve ever played, and our group LOVES it.
Use your church or youth center building. Turn out all the lights, and open all the doors. If there are 2 doors to one room, open only one, close the other.(If there are rooms that need to be kept out of bounds, close those doors.) Start by telling the youth that they may not open doors that are closed or close doors that are open. Pick one kid to be “it.” Give “it” a Tickle-me-Elmo doll, and send everybody out into the dark building. “It” can then tag someone else by throwing the doll at them.(it helps to take the voice box out of the doll and have “it” hold it, otherwise it hurts when it hits you) *the catch: “it” has to hit the voice button before throwing the doll, so as to warn the other players. Players can run and hide, but if they are hit by the doll they become “it”. This game is a blast, and really scary. Enjoy!

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