Three-Headed Orange Eater

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Oranges (One for every three people)
Blindfolds (optional)
Lots of paper towels! (unless you like orange juice in your carpet)
A tarp would come in handy for easy clean up.

Divide your group into teams of three. This can be done in many ways, so it doesn’t really matter. Have the teams select which member will be the orange eater. The eater will stand between his or her two teammates, with arms over their shoulders. The outer two team members will put one arm around the waist of the orange eating member. The outer two will then attempt to peel an orange, using only the hand that is not around the waist of their teammate, and then they must feed it to the orange eater. The goal is to see which team can do this in the fastest time.

This game is great, yet messy. Blindfolding the orange peelers (the team members on the outside of the group) will make it even more exciting, especially if the orange is placed on the table before they start, so then the orange eater (middle team member) will have to guide his or her partners to the orange.

WARNING!: Tell your group to use caution, and to listen to their teammate if he or she has too much orange in their mouth. Yes, there is a choking hazard for this game!

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