This game is best played in a large, open room. Before the children arrive, mark a starting line near the door across the width of the room. Place Hershey’s kisses throughout the room, being sure not to put any behind the starting line. The candies should be in plain sight, within reach of the children. When the children arrive, they should pair off, with one child in each team being the “hunter” and one the “hound.” Place a chair near the starting line for each team, with a bowl to put their candy in. At “go,” each “hunter” sends his “hound” across the line to search for candy. The hounds must keep their hands behind their backs at all times. When they find a candy, the hound barks/howls and stands by the candy to signal his hunter. The hunter may then cross the start line and retrieve the candy his hound has found, then bring it back across the line to put into the team’s bowl. When all candy has been found, the team with the most Kisses in their bowl wins. Rules: (1) Hounds cannot use their hands and can only communicate by barking/howling. (2) Hunters can only cross the line if their hound has found a candy and is barking. (3) Hunters can retrieve only ONE piece of candy per trip across the start line. They must return that piece of candy to the team bowl before crossing the line again. (Hunters will be exhausted at the end of the game.)

This game is the most requested by our Youth. It is LOUD with all the barking, and as much fun to watch as it is to play.

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