This is a great game we play at lock- ins or on our youth nights. First you write down at least 20 different bible story titles on strips of paper, also get a bowl and put these folded strips into the bowl. Next you will need props that go along with each bible story.

To begin the game you will need teams of 10-15 people, no more or some youth may be left out. The first team will draw one of the strips with the bible story titles on it. Next they will need to select one person from their team to try to guess what bible story they are acting out. Each team will be given 2 min to act out their bible story they picked. While they are acting out the bible story they picked out of the bowl they must not say any discernable words. They can make animal noises if the story they chose requires them to do this or they can make a barfing noise or whatever! Just as long as they do not say any words. The person guessing may talk to them though. Each team that guesses the skit before the 2 min are up gets a point. The team with the most points when all the strips are taken wins!

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