The Coffee Game (relay)


• Several pitchers of lukewarm water
• 1 Coffee mug or paper cup for each participant
• 1 tea-spoon for each participant
• 1 Jar of Folgers Crystals
• 2 individualized packets of Sweet-and-low or some other artificial sweetener (for each participant).
• 2 individualized packets of non-dairy powdered coffee creamer (for each participant)

Once participant are divided into relay teams each participant must:
1. Pour him/herself a cup of lukewarm water,
2. Put 1 teaspoon of coffee crystals in his/her mouth,
3. Put entire contents of 2 artificial sweetener packets in his/her mouth,
4. Put entire contents of 2 non-dairy powdered coffee creamer in his/her mouth,
5. Finally, taking a drink of the lukewarm water, participants swish the contents together and swallow… Yummm, Coffee!
6. The process is then repeated by each team-member until the entire team has completed the task.

First, Second, and Third Place prizes can be given to the teams respective to their finish… thus ensuring all participants have an equal opportunity to win and get a free sample of coffee!

(Note: some weaker stomached kids may need a trash can to get rid of their coffee if they experience Urges Contrary to Swallowing, plastic on the floor is also recommended in carpeted areas)


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