Imagine if hockey and soccer were combined into one game…

– a large room (with few windows)
– 8 straw brooms (or more for more players)
– newspaper
– 2 different colors of duct tape

– using duct tape, create the outline of the field (out of bounds, center line, penalty shot line and a small goalie box)
– HINT: You’ll want at least two end boundaries to be a solid wall
– above the goalie boxes, create your goal with duct tape on the wall (a 3’x4′ box works well)

– wad up newspaper into a ball and surround it in duct tape
– make your tapeball about the size of a volleyball

– take your brooms and wrap the straw end using your colored duct tape
– HINT: you want a solid paddle made of broom and tape
– this is also how you’ll know the difference between teams

EACH TEAMS – 4 players:
– 1 goalie (remains on defensive side)
– 3 centers (can go anywhere)
– HINT: If you want more players to play at a time…just make more brooms

– begin the play with a face-off (like hockey)
– you can hit the ball with your broom
– you can kick the ball with your feet
– only the goalie can touch the ball with their hands
– goes out of bounds: change possession
– hand ball: penalty shot by other team
– opponent in goal box: penalty shot by the other team
– if the ball hits the wall inside the goal box, 1 point is scored

This game is fast paced and very fun. The best part is that it is also fairly safe. (Just watch out for broom handles!) The ball is soft and expendable…you can always make another. The brooms will last a while. It’s fun to see your youth, in an act of desparation, choose between kicking the ball or hitting it with their broom.

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